Over the years, our waste removal company has been servicing Jacksonville region and providing waste management to residents and businesses in Jacksonville as well. Using our latest equipment, the large scale of devices and services and well-educated, trained and reliable technicians, we are capable of maintaining a strong network of various trash disposal projects. Different clients require a different type of service depending on the type of their business and produced waste. Therefore, each client needs to have customized a rental schedule for delivery and pickup at the end.


Rental schedule delivery for residential dumpsters

Our company has a regular default schedule for delivering dumpsters designed for the general waste of community. These dumpsters are usually delivered weekly at the adequate checkpoints in the area, and the average sizes of dumpsters are 30 and 40 yards. It is sufficient capacity for collecting weekly waste of certain parts of Jacksonville in the routine everyday circumstances. We are familiar with certain periods of the year, such as the time of holidays, when are services are needed more frequently. Thus we send stronger waste disposal forces out on the terrain during these periods. Aside from community waste disposal, our company provides private residential dumpsters rental service “on call.” These contracts are arranged with a client. Personally, dumpsters are delivered according to the set date and picked up a week later.


Rental schedule delivery for business dumpsters

There are hundreds of companies and institutions in Jacksonville relying on the services of our company determined in the contract with each of these clients individually. When it comes to schools and hospitals, our rental schedule delivery is daily or at least weekly. Offices require dumpster rented weekly or monthly. Hotels require frequent service, sometimes even more times a week and public institutions are scheduled monthly. All of these customers have an open possibility to arrange emergency “on call” rental delivery anytime.


Rental schedule delivery for construction dumpsters

One rather specific type of services our company provides is renting dumpsters to the construction industry. There is no clearly determined schedule for this are since they mostly depend on the building, demolition, renovation and remodeling projects going on across the Jacksonville. Most of these contracts are pre-arranged few days before the project begins and our teams deliver the largest dumpsters that will collect heavy construction material. Pickup is frequent until the project is full over.