Jacksonville region has a period of a year when it becomes a true touristic attraction with a significant influx of people coming into the town for landmark events. The assortment of cultural and entertaining events is rich, but the musical event is dominant reason for touristic boost. In these periods, the region is crowded, the total number of circling people increases and the infrastructures of the city are under pressure. A well-developed network of waste management of the area is particularly tested, and expectations are high. We cover the majority of the Jacksonville area with our services and the periods of big music festivals are the periods when our teams are overwhelmed with tasks. We are in charge of providing dumpster rental services across the area wherever needed and keep the disposing of trash going on smoothly.

Providing services to outdoor festivals

Any outdoor festival, concert, musical event or conference includes a huge number of visitors across spacious area requiring high levels of waste management service to function properly and keep the town clean. These types of events face our company with great challenges and require high capacity in human resources, as well as powerful, durable equipment. The excessive amount of all kinds of waste are expected in these situations and combined with a large number of people circling, the task requires coordinated and continuous waste disposal servicing. Since we are a locally operated company, we are rather familiar with the terrain and adequate locations for placing dumpsters and containers.

Detailed plans of waste management

Dumpster rentals designed for heavy loads create the framework of the overall strategy of waste management in massive events. What we need is the estimated number of present people, the duration of the events, the total area that has to be covered, the type of expected average waste and few more information. According to these data, our waste management experts provide dumpster rentals of an adequate size, capacity, model and design.

The strategy based upon powerful equipment

For the purpose of waste disposal in huge musical events, our company usually provides a large number of dumpsters of 30 and 40 yards. These are the dumpsters for general trash. Thus all usual sorts of waste can be placed inside. We have coordinated net of technicians in charge of picking up and disposing of trash. When the music event is over, we provide definite cleaning of the whole area.